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Drone wobble, flip and fall down


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Im new to this hobby. Was flying toy drones and then i build few tiny whoops all went well. Then i decided to make a cheap racing drone so that i can lean before going for expensive ones. Issue is drone wobbles left to right ascending and if i use right stick of the transmitter drone flips and fall down.

Here is what i use.
ZMR250 Fame
Emax BlHeli 12A ESC
2204 2300KV Brushless Motors
Naze32 Rev6 10DOF Flight Controller
FlySky i6 transmitter and receiver.
CleanFlight 2.0.3

I didn't do any adjustments in clean flight except adding modes. Using stock settings. Can someone help me out with the issue. Should you need more info i can provide them to you.

CleanFlight PID's



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Welcome to the forums Maxlk!
Sounds like the board alignment may be set wrong. If you look at the model on the first screen of the configurator, does it move in the same direction as your quad when you move it? Have you calibrated the ESCs?



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Thank you for your reply. alignment is 0 in cleanflight and board arrow shows to front of the drone and yes i did calibrated the ESC using my flysky transmitter because for some reason i cannot calibrated the ESC's using cleanflight. motors spins without battery connected. May i ask how would you know for sure all the ESC's are properly calibrated?


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The ESCs really need to be calibrated with Cleanflight. Calibrating to the radio does not use the same ESC protocol, and the endpoints will also be different.

With the quad plugged in but no battery attached, bring up the motors tab.
Enable motor test mode by clicking the "I understand the risks..." switch.
Slide the master all the way to the top.
Now connect the battery. The ESCs should play a longer tune than normal.
Once the ESCs stop playing the tune, slide the master all the way down.
The ESCs will play another tune.
Disable motor test mode and unplug the battery.
Your ESCs should now be calibrated to your Flight Controller.

Pictures of your gear are always a bonus too!



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I will try again. But far as i read Naze 32 is supplying 5v current to esc's via USB so will it still work calibrating the esc's using CleanFlight?


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EEEERRRRRRRRTTT.. hit the brakes...this don't sound right....

" i cannot calibrated the ESC's using cleanflight. motors spins without battery connected."

THAT should not be possible at all. No way motors should be able to spin on usb voltage even if you some how managed to get usb power to the PDB. I hope you meant the motors WON'T spin without the battery connected. That is normal. If they do however spin without a battery get us some video and pictures as you need to resolve that before going any further.

There are two separate circuits in an esc to control motors. The FC will send a 5v control signal to the esc's or what is called ttl voltage to send information like to flash them. The esc's have to have a higher main power source to push the current to make the motors move.


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Thank you for the answer. Yes the motors spin very slowly on USB power when you click "I understand the risks" thingy. And googling the issue i found so many other ppl have the same issue. I will get a video tomorrow as im out of home at the moment. I collaborated the esc's using below method.


I dont have a video of drone wobbling now but it is exactly as below video (3.31 i added video URL from the time frame). But mine wobble left to right and right to left not front to back.



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Yeah, you don't want to calibrate ESCs the way the video shows on a quad. They need to be calibrated to the Signal widths that the Flight controller is sending or you will get unpredictable results. And definitely read what PsyBorg said. The motors should NEVER spin when only powered by USB.


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The only experience I have with a Naze style SPF3 classed board that turned out to be a clone I thought it bought from a reputable place. There are others but I don't fly much that is not KISS based. I have the Femto in my Gremlin and that cloned board in my Versa Copter everything else is KISS.
@ElectriSean - don't have issue with the budget as long as it is beginner friendly. All i want is to learn and get in to fpv :)

@PsyBorg So kiss FC is good? What about sp racing pro f3?

But have to say i dont regret buying naze32 cause i learned a lot what to buy and what not to buy :p
You can calibrate with the new Naze32, you simply have to remove the ESC to FC power wire when connected to USB. :)
oh ok. So you mean i need to remove the pdb cables? Or how do i do it? if its not too much trouble could you explain it to me? This is my 1st drone build so a newbie here. Thank you


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Cranial is talking about the BEC wire, the +5V that runs from the ESC to the FC along with the signal wire - not the main battery voltage wire from the PDB to ESC.

As for Naze alternatives - the KISS FC is probably the most beginner friendly, and almost everyone that I've heard of running them loves them. If you want to stay in the Betaflight family the SPF3 and it's clones are pretty solid. None of the Beataflight boards are any more or less beginner friendly, the firmware is the same and they all wire up essentially the same, just with different labels on the pins really. If you want to maximize your learning potential, Betaflight is the way to go.