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DTF (almost) foamboard in the UK

After buying loads of foamboard from various companies in the UK, trying to find one that is as light as DTF and has a paper surface that peels like DTF, and is relatively cheap, I have to admit, I've failed.

However, the last box I bought is the closest so far. It is lighter than most, the paper peels, sort of (well it doesn't destroy the foam, put it that way), it cuts easily and works out less than £2.50 a sheet.

It's from Paper Gourmet, code CE868.

here's a link to their ebay listing:

I have no connection to the company, other than as a satisfied customer.
I ordered some stuff from these guys' shop and it took 2 weeks to arrive when I had got next day delivery. Their excuse was that they were on holiday. They had bother taking my next day delivery payment though.