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Hey there! This is my first "legit" scratch build and I hope to get it right so feel free to reply to me if you happen to have any suggestions. However from the title of the post I will be building an ATR-72 out of DTFB mainly along with maybe a few other materials. My goals are to have it fly, have it swappable, and to have a removable nose. It will kinda be a Guinea Pig but different. It will be running on a twin C-Pack from my old Sea Duck. Unfortunatly, I am still in school and will have limited time over the weekend to work on it but I hope it will all be worth it. =D


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Perfectly possibly but have you looked at the wing area relative to its likely weight.
These modern turbo prop airliners are powerful, fast, have big area increasing flaps and take off/land from smooth runways. As a result they are not blessed with "big" wings. ;)
Yeah I was looking at that too... =( I may have to design the wings a bit thicker to ensure the lift required. However, the wing will be removable with rubber bands so worst case senario I just have to build a new wing after a sketchy maiden at full power. :cool:
I also saw another ATR 72 online that was RC and it looked great! Not just on the ground but in the air too! That was my main inspiration for this as that one had quite a bit of detail with the fowler flaps and all that. Mine... well more like the spirit of FliteTest with a simple box fuse and all that jazz. Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hqw0UhBPGlg Not sure how much power his has compared to the C Pack though. Running two 2200 3s? Geez! :eek:
So yesterday was the first day of building. First thing I did was mess with the wing shape to see what I could make. IMG_20180421_161455.jpg I just took some measurements from my scale drawing (1/10 scale so I just scale all the measurements by x10) IMG_20180421_161517.jpg I just took the inside and outside edge then made up some measurements for the airfoil and soon I had my first design. IMG_20180421_174041.jpg The design was really rough with a lot of mistakes but I still made a 1" foam spar and folded it over, and it looked pretty nice! I made the middle section of the wing which was very easy as it was a rectangle. I then joined the two to see what it would look like, and I was pretty happy with it. IMG_20180422_095844.jpg I had just come back from laser cutting at my local maker space and I had cut out two power pod mounts from the Guinea Pig (Or the Kraken not quite sure if they're the same) along with two wheel pants and two new powerpods. However before even that I had gone to Hobby Lobby and picked up this 2mm black foam for 98 cents per 18"x12" sheet. I had made a 2in tire in Fusion 360 that I sliced in Autodesk Slicer for 2mm sheets. IMG_20180421_161509.jpg (There is masking tape holding everything so that on the drive back all the pieces stayed in order) Laser cut the foam with the design, superglue them together then you get this. IMG_20180421_161505.jpg Might as well be the real thing. =D I then 3d printed the hard inner part out of white PLA and then they looked like real wheels from a 747 or something along those lines. IMG_20180421_181625.jpg (Fun fact about these wheels, if you put them on a long piece of landing gear wire then look from behind. It's quite easy to imagine a whole 747 landing gear setup.) After this, I finalized the wing design and put some measurements for when I make the final wing. IMG_20180421_182846.jpg That was all I got done yesterday, made a lot of progress but still a lot more to go. =D