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DTFB Grumman Goose

I realized after printing and making templates I forgot to add the tip floats and the nacelle skins. I will get those added ACD clean up a couple spots where I know in my head what I am going to do but it may not be clear without having the 3D assembly available. I also am rethinking how the wing mounts and adding some sort of electronics access hatch.

Look for the file in a few days.


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Goose Plans

If you post them I will build...I was going to try and modify the Guinea Pig as I don't know how to use any of the CAD software...

This is where I am at....

I am debating my wing design. The wing feels kind of small as it sits. I may build a MM Cruiser quick so I have something to compare size to. Also I was going for a semi- symmetrical airfoil shape which leads to other issues with how small the wingtip airfoil is and I would really need to do it similar to how nerdnic does his speed wings and I am not sure I am ready to tackle that yet.

I will try to have plans early next week hopefully.
Decided to keep plugging away with what I have printed so far to proof my design before the final build. Here are some pictures of the keel of the fuselage.

IMAG1965.jpg IMAG1964.jpg IMAG1963.jpg
As my son decided to try jumping from the top of the slide at school last Monday and managed to break his jaw not much progress was made last week. I think I have everything how I want it now and hope to have plans ready soon.
I thought I might post a couple color schemes I am considering for my final build. I really like the white base of these as they work well with the white foam board. My seaworthy build will probably be different but I have some strange apprehension to flying a monochrome plane.



Plans are almost ready to post. I borrowed sponz's drawing key to help make thing a little more clear for those who don't have direct access to my thought processes.
I finally determined what scale is. Approximately 1/13 making it 1/12 would probably have been to easy.

Spastickitten the first is my favorite also.


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I like the bottom color scheme in your post. I will have to go with the scheme of the 1967 Grumman Type 30 Super Widgeon N4453 that appeared in Fantasy Island. I know that it is not a Goose, but is still in the Grumman family. I like the yellow and white scheme.

1967 Grumman Type 30 Super Widgeon N4453 Fantasy Island BW.jpg

1967 Grumman Type 30 Super Widgeon N4453 Fantasy Island Side View.jpg

1967 Grumman Type 30 Super Widgeon N4453 Fantasy Island Close Up.jpg

Looking forward to seeing your plans.
That does look nice. The first one I posted has a nice "vintage" feel to it that I really like.

I also remember the beginning of Fantasy Island fondly. At the age I was at the time that was absolutely the best part of the show to me.
What's wrong with this picture?


The only reason I caught it was because I forgot to mark the pockets for the tabs on top of the spar. When I went back to add them to the plans I caught the error.
Yeah I'm thinking that I need to doublecheck and triple check mine once drafted because I will probably bring mine to one of the office stores for printing large-format. I hate taping these tiled plans together! :D


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It looks like it will still fit in where it is at if you just flip it. The plans look good otherwise. Ought to be a great build. I like the sturdy look of the interlocking box spar.
A progress picture of my alpha build. Not going to hook up any controls on this one just weight it down with gear to find initial cg location with some have tosses.


More pictures soon. And maybe finally some plans. I keep changing them as I build the thing.