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Ducts or sturdy prop guards for a 5" quad?


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Everyone is having so much fun with their Tiny Whoops, bouncing them off everything, but I want to fly outside, where it's a little too windy for them. Actually, I want to fly in my corrals, famous for their gusty winds and close quarters. My 8" quad has worked so well for me in the pastures, but it's just too big, fast and heavy for close quarters flying. I feel it would be under 5 minutes before prop contact with something.

I bought another TBS Source One frame when I built my 8", with the standard 5" arms. Planned to build it into a 5" race/freestyle quad.
However I know I am going to slam it into a board fence at high speed... Or a sheep? Sheep are soft, but I don't want to cut up anyone's face.

I see there are 3d printed guards out there but do they stand up? Any non-printed stuff anyone can recommend?


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I would use a lightweight powerful quad like the LarvaX for that job. Prop guards on a 5” is like putting feathers on a chainsaw.
Smaller quads motors stall easily enough that no sheep will be cut (grass stops my Larva X and Sailfly) plus the lack of inertia limits damage. There’s a new Sailfly out with prop guards that are removable. They fly great with micro receivers for longer range use too. Get GNB 3s batteries for them, the Happymodel ones are hopeless for duration.


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I see your point. I will build up the 5" for fun flying this summer and look at these smaller class quads.
I've never really noticed this size before, looks like they will have more authority than the Whoops but not be dangerous.

There was a mention of flying these on 2s to make them milder and longer flying, that might be an option since control is more important than top speed.

I've been really happy with the abuse I've put the TBS frame through and I notice that they have a Source Micro frame for 2-2.5" quads. If it's anything like the Source One it will be a good farm duty frame.

Maybe print a set of ducts or guards for it since with the lower speed and inertia plastic might actually survive a bonk into something. I was thinking carbon fiber on the 5" would be the only material that stands a chance.


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The Sailfly flies ok on 2s. I just lay off the throttle on 3s. 2s is less efficient as the voltage sags faster in my experience. The really early ones didn’t fly as well on 3s as the boards were not as durable.
I am considering that TBS frame for a micro project I have too, the Source One has flown great for me as well.
Honestly the sub 250 and toothpick classes in particular have seen huge developments lately, I fly my Larva X more than my 5”. Proximity and gap shooting with it is a hoot, it’s nearly as manoeuvrable as a whoop but with more precise feel. They can go fast too, I can hit 35-40Mph easy.