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Durafly SE5a


Rotor Riot!
"It could be better" - "but hey, it could be worse! It could come without this!"

Josh Scott has understood how to appreciate HobbyKing :)


Propaganda machine
I reckon this model looks way better than the PZ version - plus this has GPS!!!

This plane's been on the wish list for a while. If only I had somewhere to put it!


Elemental Madness
I have been eyeing this plane for a while. When I get the money I think this will be my first scale plane. Great review, I love that you guys are starting to add in some flaws you see, because everyone knows, no plane is perfect. :D
Agreed regarding pointing out flaws. It adds a lot of credibility to the review. Especially when people are spending hard-earned money on these based on the review. Looks like a nice plane to fly. Nice to see a review after a while too.
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You need Tx/Rx and a battery (1800-2200 3S). Everything else is in the box, apparently.
Lots of great reviews on this plane. Watched a lot of videos on this and it looks to be a real floater!
The scale details on this model are great...much nicer than the ParkZone offering if you ask me (despite this having the longer nose + motor of the replica). Looking forwards to it...going to put an order on this soon!

There needs to be more WWI warbird love!