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Dusty Build Thread?


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I did some searching but there was no "*Unofficial Dusty*" thread that i could find. what no love for the cop duster?

anyways, one of the guys at the field bought a Dynam crop duster and flew it a few weeks ago. i mentioned that FT made one and it was one of the few FT planes i had not built yet.

fast forward a few and we have this...


i have exaggerated the control surfaces to make more of a 3D capable plane. i plan on running a C-pack, Emax 2215/10 w/ a 10x4.7 prop, 3S-1800ish, and 30A esc. i used corona digital metal geared 9g servos all around, i'm tired of cheap servos failing. pay the money now, and save the hassle of having to replace. i am waiting on my 3D printer to finish the control horns and fire wall. once that is finished there really isn't much left to do other than finishing the detailing. got some black vinyl adhesives and some googely eyes and just enough wire to make the landing gear..


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so, Dusty is just about done but there are a few issues with the plans.

1) the firewall for full sized planes has the upper part that usually has 2 bbq skewers to support front of the motor pod, this DOES NOT work on Dusty. not sure it it is supposed to provide the down thrust but what it does do is keep front tabs from fitting into fuselage.

2) i also can't seem to find any plans for how the landing gear was done. they say check power pod video but it doesn't show anything specific to Dusty.

3) If the landing gear is mounted to the power pod, and the pod is missing supports, how exactly is this supposed to last more than 1 or 2 landings?

if anyone has built one or has any answers to my questions please let me know.


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The landing gear jams between the bottom of the wing and the floor plate of the fuselage. Add glue/tape to keep it from coming loose. 37:10 into the build video:


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Starting on building one this weekend with my 7yr old grandson. He was pretty impressed with a video of my E-Flite P-47.
I Don’t intend to make this one a flyer. More of an introduction to how planes work and how they go together. I figured Dusty would be something that would help him relate.
I precut all the pieces and we‘ll start “wrenchin” today.