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DX6 radio setup for the sport cub s


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Hello! I'm fairly new to airplanes and recently picked up the sport cub s bnf and a DX6 transmitter. I got home and excitedly opened both packages, but I soon realized I was out of my skill level with programming the transmitter to fit the airplane. I tried looking up videos to show me how to setup the sport cub but there are no recent ones posted. If you could help me set up the safe system and program the controls that would be a big help for me. thank you in advance


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Yes, that is the one. thank you for the info. also another question i have, do you have to use a switch to program high and low duel rates?


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Yes, you have to select switches to use dual rates. I would not set up dual rates if you are a beginner. Heck, I've been flying
For 40 years and rarely use dual rates. The DX 6 is easy to program once you get used to it. There is a bit of a learning curve however. Lots of good videos online to help.


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Yes, when you enter the DR and Expo menu there is an option for switch. Move to it, choose it and flip the switch you want to use.

You will have to program Aileron, Rudder and Elevator on each setting of the switch you use. A two position switch will be fine for the SCS. I don't think I have ever used low rates on the Sport Cub but it doesn't hurt anything to have it. It may help as you move into Expert mode. I put in about 20% expo.
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