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DX6i Power Setting-Important


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Mine was set up on EU as well. I never have had any issues though, but this was good to know. Now I will feel a little better after reading all of this.
I bought mine early April 2011 and have never had an issue. (Of course with that being said, I am sure I will. Every time I think I am doing well flying and let someone know I have not crashed, I will always ditch one somehow.) :(

I am extremely happy with mine and recommend Dx transmitters to all I introduce to the hobby.
What kind of range can you get on the us247 output? Ive been doing fpv for a while know and have been staying relativly close (500-600 feet). I was wondering how far the signal can go and still be clear. Thanks!
Just bought a new DX6i on sale to use with a trainer system to teach my kids and neighbor to fly. It was set on EU but I actually caught that in the initial setup and exploration. As far as range with it set to US247, it should be about double that of EU. (sorry, couldn't resist that one) In my experience so far, I have had no range issues within my line of sight flying. I have gotten out fairly far and at a decent altitude approx. 1500 - 2000ft line of sight with no dropped signal or issues.


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Thanks for the post. I will switch to the U.S. setting first before buying a LRS. Today I had my first brown out with my dx6i at exactly 870 meters. Clear sky, 70% humidity, flying fpv along a road. Throttle stopped working. After a few (long) seconds it kicked back in and I could turn the plane towards me. Was flying to check video range but without knowing it seemed my radio range is now the limiting factor.
I flew with a 500 mw Aomway transmitter. Super clear signal all the way through!
Recieved was an orange rx 6channel. Will switch to the original Spektrum for next flight. Will not risk all my stuff using a cheap receiver ;)
Been flyin a year and a half on the eu setting lol. Just happened across this here. Been hanging out in the swappable forum. Another lesson learned. Try looking around at other forums a bit. You never know what valuable info you might find. Thanks guys.
In Australia the Dx6i is set to EU by default, with my 7 year old Dx6i tx I can poke hole's in the clouds and never lose signal. One time I borrowed a altimeter and recorded 1765 feet and other times I have been much higher all with my Dx6i at the default EU setting. Quite often I would spend a hole night deciding where to best place the antenna aerials, that alone makes a big difference in range. So those using the EU setting, don't go losing sleep over it.
This change in power unfortunately isn't available for the DX6 in the UK, the actual setting area is Greyed out. Does anyone know how to get around it in order to get the higher output.