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In this episode of Flite Test, Josh and Josh fly the Dynamic-S. Not only does this plane look great in the air, but it also flies amazing. Watch this episode to see what the team thought of this 'warm liner' glider.



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Mysterious V-Tail Glider... I've been looking forward for this review for quite some time... And I think I'll buy this glider.

Oh btw guys - you really got to work on your polish LOL ;]
Rudlicki's first name is spelled like Yer-zee and his last name like Rood-litz-kee (nope, I'm not his ancesstor ;] ).
He is famous for the v-tail, but he also had other brilliant (less spectacular) ideas - for example he designed bomb dropping mechanisms for B-17 bombers, thrust vectored jet engines for VTOLs, etc (during the II WW he was forced to leave Poland and worked for Lockheed and after the II WW he worked for Republic).
What are the positivs and negativs about v-tail?
Can it handle a 4s?
Can it handle the weight of a gopro?
Do you have to mix on your radio?
I have no experience about v-tail mixing. I have a turnigy, is it difficult? any videos out there showing it?
Nice Flyer... I had initially dismissed this plane, but I may have to reconsider it.. For a little over 110 bucks will have to get one I think...

BTW, Josh Bixler, Check your back... and when I get mine, going to try to beat that 12 minute build :)
I got the plane under the name Hype Wow. And the negatives of the V-Tail is the small effect is has. There is almost no response on rudder. Elevator is okay. Your Turnigy tx should have a V-Tail Mixer but better look it up. And its definetly not a hotliner. If get down fast I will loose much height with this plane. It's more of a warmline but definetly fun to fly. In Europe it is cheapier right now to get it from Hype as or St-Models as Blaze or Ripmax as Blaze and probably at least another name. Eventually it will get cheaper if they get it in the De-Warehouse.

And beware the canopy can get lost. Mine doen't close very good. Because of that I always have some tissue between canopy and fuselage right now to get a stronger lock.
Dual rates

Josh did you bother with dual rates, or just some expo, wondering what slow flight control it has, also are the servos good enough, as the specs say they are HQ,


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Great episode, I bought one of these as my first RC model with a little Simulater time under my belt it was a breeze to fly. I'd like to have heard about expo and dual rates, also many folks with the Blizzard and Blaze (same as the Dynamic-S) programme in Flapperons and Spoilerons, would be cool to see what you boys could do with a similar set up.

Here's mine: (Blaze)


Upgraded with a 40amp ESC, 10x7 prop and new spinner.

Hope you get your challenge Josh.

Right now I am using an AR8000 with the Hype Wow, but will probably switch to the OrangeRX with satellite some day.

@colorex That plane should be a Multiplex Blizzard. That one should be better than the Dynamic-S but it is not as cheap as the Dynamic-S.
Well, they looked just the same to me... Thanks for the info!
Yeah, I agree.. That is why I looked up the details on both.. Not sure which is better. The ELAPOR foam is going to hold up a lot better in a crash, but then again the Blizzard is a arf vs a the Dynamic-S being a PNF. I think that I am going to have to get one as much as I am upset with HK.. Oh well! the way it goes I guess.
Anyone have a personal review on this plane ? im planning on buying for so long .... I need a second opinion.

A friend of mine told me the BLIZZARD tipstalls too easily and its HARD to get it off the spin; then again i watch David W. video and love every second !!

I love gliders and im already pushing the limits on my Bixler ....

How are rated the Stock servos ? are they good enough ? already know that its better to upgrade the ESC to some 40A and a 10x7 to 11x8 prop (carbon if possible)
For anyone looking to get this plane - I would definitely recommend it! =)

In stock, it was a great flyer and LOTS of fun =D I did however change the ESC for a 45a, and the prop for a 12x8 - it became even faster, and climbs like nothing else, amazingly fun!

Good to note as well, you have to reinforce the control surfaces (particularly in the v-tail) with packaging tape to maintain authority on high-speed dives, other than that it is super rigid and does not flex what so ever.

Here's a video from my local aerodrome flying this plane with just about everything!