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E-flite Blade MCX2 for sale

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
I bought my kids a MCX2 a long while back and it just sits. They flew the MSR for a while but they're just not into rc stuff so here it is. It's all there and I just test flew it tonight to make sure it all works. It's RTF, stock radio, heli, extra blades, charger, and I'm throwing in 3 Turnigy 160 mah batteries. Asking 60 shipped in the U.S.

2013-07-11_19-51-35_118.jpg 2013-07-11_19-53-51_184.jpg 2013-07-11_19-55-15_901.jpg 2013-07-11_19-56-30_816.jpg
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Hostage Taker of Quads
Thanks AK for a great deal!

Just got it today and flew out a battery testing it out. It's not pulling of the stickers new, but in excellent condition.

I've got a nephew who's gonna have a good day, and doesn't know it yet. Thanks again!