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E-flite EFLH2501

Hm, well unfortunatley that control unit is designed only for use with E-flite models and will not be able to bind to your transmitter. Also if you are planning on scratch building, that control unit will not work with most servos or brushless motors.

If your transmitter came with a receiver, plug your servos into that. Also if you have a brushless motor you will also need to get a new esc.

Hope this helps!
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If I'm not mistaken, that's a DSMX receiver... I'm running a AR6100L that similar but without the gyro. This if for the Blade Heli correct?

Not sure what kind of luck you'll have with the T6. I've got my FS-i6x running the AR6100L on DSMX but I'm using a 4n1 RF module to connect.

Regardless of the servos and esc you may find yourself looking at a different tx... Good luck! These micro boards are AWESOME!
Thanks guys .. I was afraid that i bought this being way to blind to its inability to help my situation. Im looking to equip a parkzone um p-51 and have the motor and thats it ..being new i didnt do enough homework but was looking to not spend a fortune on an esc and the servos i have were a little to big to use .. so im now going to need to find the right electronics that wont cost me a fortune
Don't give up! I've got a whole box of "shouldn't have bought that's". But I always seem to find something for them to work on. Do you have ANY other electronics other than the motor? What kind of motor do you have?

The receiver you need will come with two on-board servos and will have plugins for your two ailerons. It will also have a brushed esc on board. I found that sometimes it's better to buy a broken plane with all the gear you need than buying piece by piece. Let us know some more details and we'd be happy to point you in the right direction.
i do have the original motor and do need that reciever thank you ..made the mistake of believing that i could mod any brushless esc . I have so many parts but most are made for larger planes ? Maybe more like 2 sizes up from the micro .. thats another story altogether which i will need help with .. lol... but thank you for the info it is much appreciated
Always happy to help, and you're more than welcome. Just remember, some folks on here like to horse-trade. Someone may have just what you're looking for and be willing to trade.
Heck, some would give ya parts if it'd get you in the air!
Persistence is key!
Im going to take your advice and look at seeing if anyone would trade me stuff i have .. I have to get something in the air soon because i dont want to loose my 9year old sons interest in doing this with me and no air time is kind of killing the mood. I tried several bigger plane builds and crashed in seconds but learned cg and weight issues and wing design have all been issues i needed to correct and the fact that im trying not to spend tons of $ .. doesnt help


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Have you thought of building something super simple like an FT Flyer that’s one sheet of Dollar Tree foamboard? Plans for all the FT designs are free, most take up less than 4 sheets total of board. Then you need about $15 worth of cheap 5-9g servos off eBay and a motor and ESC. People here might even have that. The Tiny Trainer is really cheap to build and can be a very forgiving 2s 3 channel trainer.
Get your son building some chuck gliders, Nerdnic RC has a great Mustang on his site. You could build a simple soarer if you have a TX, receiver, two servos and a small battery to power them. Gliders can be launched with a bungee, the parts for that are dead cheap.
I made 6 Long EZ’s as chuck gliders with kids aged 9-13 a couple of months ago, all flew and the whole lot cost under $20.
Thanks for the ideas .. i have foam board and small servos and micro motors ..its the esc and finding ones that pair with my transmitter.. i tried to build a 70mm edf ..wow that went horribly but i think a 30mm edf would be much easier
Is that esc receiver combo the only receiver you've got? I'm assuming the T6 i your only transmitter. There's nothing to say you couldn't use what you've got, just need to get your transmitter and receivers sorted out.
I agree i do have working pairs and and transmitter +reciever..I have just had a hell of a time getting the right build for the weight .. my lipo pack and motor combo just seem to not work out .. so i thought starting small would have a better outcome


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EDF’s are much harder to fly than a single prop to begin with, likewise if you have not made many planes before I would advise sticking to FT plans for the first few, before making your own.
Any 20-30A esc with a Bec will work with most smaller motor sizes FT designs. You can get a receiver and Bec for $12-15 new.
If you want to get something in the air with your son, I would still advise a Tiny Trainer with the 3ch wing. You can build that pretty much completely as long as you have a way to centre servos, then get the parts you need to finish the Powerpod and controls near the end of the build. You can even fly it without RC gear/props but with the servos in.
Do you have a stand alone Flysky receiver? If not then one of those would be a good buy, there’s several different types, someone with your radio here can probably recommend one, all are fairly cheap.