Help! E-Flite F16 Thunderbird 70mm EDF issue


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Hello Everyone...

Is there an easy way to adjust the nose gear on an E-flite F-16 Thunderbird 70mm? I'm using the 6 channel receiver AR631 that came with it and I have it binded with my NX8. The problem I'm running into is that when I make adjustments to my rudder in flight, it is also changing my nose wheel. I have the Rudder perfectly adjusted for flight but my nose gear is turned slightly left. This becomes an issue during landing. The wheel is not turned too bad, but its enough to cause plane to nose in along with missile scrape as I try to compensate to keep it on the pavement.

Is there a screw on the actual nose gear that I can loosen to adjust the wheel to be straight and re-tighten? I never have had to remove the nose gear and looking online I have not found anything to answer my question. I have found individuals that recommended separating the rudder and nose gear so each have their channel and adjust them individually, but that requires an extra channel on the receiver which is not available.

Has anyone physically adjusted the nose gear on this bird since electronically it does not appear to be possible.
If there is a way to adjust, could someone post an image that would indicate where this adjustment can be made.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance on this and thanks.