Help! Eachine wizard x220 problems


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so obviously I am new to fpv drones and I have already hit my first snag which has me extremely frustrated. So context, I got an Eachine wizard x220 that comes with the Flysky FS-i6 already binded. So out of the box i test it... screw in the antenna and left the props off.... the controller works arms and spins the motors. So then I plug in my drone to betaflight and change the AUX channels for arming and for agro. (I also changed the AUX channels 5 and 6 to swb and swc.) So things seem to be working okay but when i turned the swc, which I configured to arm and turn on air mode, it would start spinning the motors like I wanted but if i would give it some throttle the motors would gradually speed up even when I placed the throttle the entire way back down... So I was done messing with it for the day as if was getting late so I put it away. The next day I put the props on and get ready to fly but now the drone doesn't seem to arm i flicked all the switches and nothing I put the throttle to the bottom right nothing... after flicking the switches where they should be armed and trying the throttle nothing happens. So I went into betaflight and tested the motors and they all work and respond to commands on the computer but I did notice that now in the modes section where moving the switches on the controller would move the line to the value assigned nothing happens now. I tried rebinding the controller to the receiver but nothing. Please help I want to fly!


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Two things I see may be happening. first the spinney action of a quad sitting on a surface. That surface will never be perfectly level. The quad will ALWAYS think its in the air so it will adjust to stay level. When nothing happens because it sits on a table it tries again. The motors will spin up or down consistent with what the FC believes needs to happen to make the quad level. If left long enough some motors will spin to max speed others will stop spinning with the effort the FC puts out to get to a level state. Perfectly normal.

Lift the quad off the table and hold it in your hand and the motors should settle down and react to the tilting of your hand. Tilt the quad down towards one corner and that motor should respond by speeding up a bit. Easy and safe way to tell you have the proper motor order and you can lightly touch the spinning bell to feel what direction it turns.

As for the not arming it is possible you set the arm switch up where at default position it is armed which would throw a safety flag as soon as you powered up the quad so it does not go live in your hand. here is a video to help troubleshoot arming issues and how to see what condition flags may be set to better pinpoint the reason.