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Easystar glider flying problems

crash daily

Hello i have just built up my easystar kit and am having some problems in flite, now i know this plane should just float off when u throw it but mine different story,everytime i throw it it gets to about 5foot away and then seems to want to stall to the left i try to correct this with full right rudder and nothing happens and it ends up crashing,now hear is wots in it ----- i have a outrunner base glues in to it with a brushless towerpro 1750kv motor and a 7x5 prop on there and the battery im using is a 2600mah.ANY HELP GUYS


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C of G - check that you have enough weight in the nose.

The reason your plane does like that is that it looses speed.
You are aiming to high without the speed needed.

If you toss the plane horizontal (no motor and towards the wind) - not up or down - it shall glide slightly down until it lands.
If the plane goes up slightly with the nose then you have to trim the elevator slightly down until it lands by itself without getting the nose up and stall.


Is the battery fully charged and balanced? Is that a 2 or 3 cell? Dead cell on the battery?

Make sure you check the center of gravity-typically should be about 25% of the distance from the leading to trailing edge of the wing at the wing root (attachment to fuselage). Check that all control surfaces are centered with TX on and sticks neutral. Make sure the control surfaces are moving in the correct directions.

Make sure the motor is free to spin and not dragging on the motor mount. Make sure your prop is on in the correct direction - numbers on prop face forward.

crash daily

hey guys thank for getting bk to me so quick,im using a brand new 3s 2600mah,im using a 7x5 pusher prop,i tryd flying it again 2day and i double check all of the trims and did a CG check with everything in it (battery,esc,)and it was ok,i did some test throws with and without the motor on and it still seems to just turn left and thats with the nose level and i try to correct it and it doesnt do anythin but crash,iv tryd to move the battery around but still does the same,so i got a little hackd off with it and throw it at half throttle and it didnt go to the right stright away then tryd it on full throttle and it went to the right and crashed again,if u guys need me to but any pics up just let me know.


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Check for the following:

Are the control surfaces moving at least 10 mm in each direction?
Is the prop facing in the right direction?
Grab the plane from the rudder and inside the canopy. Does it hang straight down?
Are the control horns loose?
Does the battery stay in place during flight?
Is the aileron Y connector put in properly?
Are the wings inserted all the way?
Try correcting the right-turning tendency using aileron instead of rudder.


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You say - it turns to the left...
Full throttle it turns to the right...
Please post picture of the motor mount - picture from the side and from the back - as right in line as possible.

Easystar does only have a side rudder - no ailerons if not modified.
The standard side rudder is very small and does need some time to get the plane to change direction.

If i recall the standard prop is only a "Gunter" 5" or possibly 6" soft quality.
A "normal" upgrade is with a 2800 or 3000 kv inrunner with an APC style 5" harder prop.
Your motor is probably positioned higher and gives a lot more torque - specially with full throttle - making the plane twist to the right.
I skilled pilot will start slowly and compensate with left rudder until the plane gets up in speed.
As soon as the plane starts to turn in either direction you need to give a little up elevator to compensate for the down thrust.
Also starting an easystar with full throttle pushes the nose down until the plane has built up speed - need to give full up elevator to compensate if you don't start gently with throttle until the speed is up.

Try to make the rudder at least twice the size

or add ailerons to help faster respons to compensate for the left or right the plane want to make

crash daily

IMG_0028.jpg IMG_0029.jpg IMG_0030.jpg IMG_0031.jpg IMG_0032.jpg IMG_0033.jpg
Here r the pictures u askd for i hope they r ok,if u want me to record the glider with the control surfaces moving i can and could do a flight video using my gopro and upload that,but it would be another day as iv got work 2day,again thank for all ur help.

crash daily

just checked the control horns,the tail does move abit when rudder is workin,the wings look fine but if u need a picture just say,but once i get it flying i mite try the aileron mod,the picture of the battery iv only just put that in its not in the rite place.


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It looks straight and fine from the pictures.

To get some better response from the tiny rudder you can cut a line from the top to bottom with a razor blade or sharp knife. The glue in an extension from plasticard or something similar. Make the rudder at least double area as original.
Google "easystar rudder modification" and you will find a lot - and on youtube.

The higher motor mount and the much larger propeller makes the plane "torque" but you will easily compensate it as soon as you get some speed.

Start with not more than 50% throttle and ease slowly up when you have control. Don't try to turn until you are a bit up and don't forget to give some up elevator in the turns.


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i am goin to make the rudder alot bigger i have a fair bit of depron,do u think its turque roll im problems with?
You say that the plane wants to turn left and then with full throttle turn right -Yes i think that the torque from the motor is a significant factor.

Your motor is higher up
Your propeller is 7" instead of 5"
Your motor is twice the power.

The plane is not designed for this but will fly nice if you compensate with rudder or aileron.
It will not be as easy to fly with your setup as the original setup.

I have used some EasyStar as school plane with "buddy transmitter". We choose to add aileron directly (after trying with original rudder). It is a lot easier for the teacher to "rescue" if there is more control.

The ailerons were also used as "spoilers" for landing as the ES normally just floats and floats and floats.....

I have also used the ES modified with a strong brushless motor and know that the down torque makes it really hard to start if the throttle is to high. The motor pushes the plane downward until the speed is quite high.

crash daily

the motor mount is ajust-able if i move it down would that make it fly any better? and to slopegod im using a pusher prop brought from giantcodrc and when i have it running i can feel it pushing the glider.

crash daily

i think i understand it now im not getin enough airspeed and when i do get it to a good speed i get turque roll and with there not being enough control surface (small rudder) it just keeps crashing am i right there???


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Also - cut the prop axle and mount the prop saver as close to the bell as possible.
- In case of a not so perfect landing you might bend the shaft.
- In case of unbalance - it gets a lot worse


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Your prop is backwards as slopegood "hawkeyed" from you picture.
It is a propeller turning the opposite direction compared to a "normal" - pusher has nothing to do with it. You can just as well use a standard propeller and switch 2 of the 3 wires between the motor and controller to get the motor to turn the other direction.

You are not getting to torque by the speed - it is by the blow from the propeller.
The speed reduces the roll and makes your rudder work better to compensate for the roll force the propeller blow on the surfaces.


I don't think you are ready for this ?
Also, in my opinion, it seems strange that the plane truns to the left without throttle. Have you checked lateral balance as well? Just an additional question...

crash daily

Hi guys iv sortd it!!!! i cut off the small tail and made a bigger one out of depron its not perfect but it flys now,and u werent wrong about giving it down-trim at full throttle,but over all a nice flyer,goin to put my gopro on it and add aileron on it next,Thank u for all ur help guys,here is a pic of my new tail IMG_0034[1].jpg