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ECOMRC Miss Elaine


Flying Derp
You'll do fine. The glow lighter is only on there to get the engine started then you remove it...it locks on so it won't fall off. I'd recommend mounting the engine to a workbench outside that way you can get used to starting and running it in a safer manner than if it were on a plane that can move around. This is my first glo engine and I'm glad I went with the four stroke in this plane over electric. I was reluctant b/c you hear people gripe about the oily mess on the plane from the exhaust and the cost of the fuel. So far a 10 minute flight burns about 5 oz. of fuel and takes less than five minutes to wipe the plane off after I'm done flying.

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This is my first glo engine and I'm glad I went with the four stroke in this plane over electric.
Glad to hear it. I know that lots of people are turned off of anything non electric before they ever experience it. I think a lot of people are missing out. I love my electrics but you just can't beat how cool a real engine is.


Flying Derp
I've been flying it without the cowl for the engine break-in period. The engine seems to be running just fine so I ordered a 90 deg adapter for the muffler so I won't have to cut a big hole in the cowl. I ended up having to move the engine up 1/4 inch so the spinner would line up with the cowl. Because of this I had to modify the throttle pushrod. All is well now and I'll get some pics up hopefully later tonight.


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.. I just don't have any experience with them... And that thick prop makes me very nervous! There seems to be a fair amount of fiddling around near it required...
Don´t worry! But be focused.
Unlike many others i think that simple is most safe.
First of all - sand the edges of the prop soft and round so that they cant cut you - do this before or at same time as you are balancing the prop.
There are several glow heaters but most of them stay well. Try to find one that locks to the plug when turning it slightly if you are worried. Also - don´t put on the glower until the motor is completely ready. You can normally flip the prop as many times as you want without having the glower on making sure the fuel is reaching the engine.
I am holding the prop with my whole hand first time i turn it around slowly to feel that the fuel will ignite and everything is OK for start. The ignition is totally harmless if you are holding the propeller in your hand and not flipping. You will just feel the prop pushing back some degrees in your hand without any real force. Next time you will give it a fast flip and the motor will normally start for a few turns and spit out excess fuel if there is to much fuel in the crank. Then next flip will normally get the motor running.
When the motor is running you should be careful not to do anything from the front end ;-)
If you accidentally reach the prop from the back side it will not cut you! But you will certainly feel the propeller.
Another thing - keep the glower on the running engine until the engine is reasonable warmed up.