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EDF Afterburner Kit

Hey everyone!

As some of you may know I've been working on an EDF Afterburner utilizing butane gas for quite a while now and I'm getting to the point where my test setup has become extremely reliable and I'll soon be outfitting the first plane with it. (Plane is still stuck in the mail due to Corrona). This video shows a test run of the Afterburner. I'm currently still using a five-bladed EDF that sounds terrible so I'll soon be upgrading to a 12-bladed unit (also still stuck in the mail).
While my design is based on the ideas of the original Flite Test design it features significant improvements that should lead to a simpler and more reliable setup.

Screenshot_20200208-135531.jpg An early prototype firing.

Now with my design actually showing that it can work with pretty good reliability I've been considering to make this into a Kit of some kind. Either as a set of supplies + instructions, as a partially build setup or even a full EDF that is already outfitted with the burner setup.
However before I put the effort in to make my current prototype into a sellable product I wanted to ask the community if anyone would even like to buy such a setup. Unless there is a huge demand every unit will be made upon request and will take time to make.

So, here's my question, would anyone reading this here be interested in buying an EDF Afterburner Kit?

Best Regards, Henning

Ryan O.

Well-known member
I would buy one if I had an EDF from foam board, but don't yet, but am thinking about using one of Ben Harber's with 6s. I would also need o see if my field allows it. Still cool how you got it running reliably.


That looks and sounds great! Was that test at full-throttle? Can you describe the improvements you made over the other designs? I'm not looking to copy it, I'd probably buy one for the right application, I'm just a nerdy engineer who wants to know how it works! :p
@Mid7night Yes, the test was at full power, which is what I'm most proud of. It ignites and fires reliably at full power.
I mentioned most of the changes in my first thread on the forums here. A quick rundown of the changes is a in-flame heating coil, using a butane/propane gas mixture for easier combustion, NOT using the motor as a pole for the HV module (that probably killed the afterburning viggen) and a bunch of minor things that just add up.
As for you 'stealing' the design I'm happy to provide all the information you need to build one yourself. 99% of all my information was gained from the internet so I'll be sharing my design as well. However I would love to actually earn some money from doing the things I really enjoy, so my current plan (if I decide to sell anything) is to have different kits available, either with or without pre-assembly and/or EDF and have a donation button. If I make plans I will provide these for free, if not I will at least put up instructions that explain how to replicate my work.