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Edf f-22 with thrust vectoring project

mach1 rc

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I was really trying to figure out a way to put thrust vectoring on a edf but everything seemed to complicated .that was until I thought of the way a biplane ailerons are controlled with one servo on each wing . So I set up elevons instead of ailerons and put them were the nozzles are supposed to go. Hopefully it works in the air it can definitely direct airflow on the ground so fingers crossed.

The Hangar

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This is cool! @L Edge just finished and maidened a thrust vectoring viggen that turned out AWESOME! You can check it out in the group build linked in my signature. I’m eager to see how it does! Seems like ir will act like a control surface right in the prop wash so it should be very responsive. Good luck and have fun!

L Edge

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Here is my design version of a ducted flow for a prop to produce a TV system. Looking at it gives the elevons control for pitch and ailerons , but if you look inside the ducting, you will see that I added a rudder so the when the rudder is deflected, it throws most of the flow into one chamber causing a yawing effect. Did some other mods to make the yawing more effective.

It will be very interesting to see what your TV system will do.