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edf tricopter

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I've seen you tube vids of a thrust vectored EDF tricopter, if you search for terminator hunter killer then you should find something... I'll have a looky....

....ok found this

It'd be noisy as though
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Yeah I think it is just too ineffective and unstable... But it´s a cool idea, definitely.

How about have a Tricopter that can hover normally like all the others do but if it wants to go for normal flight it tilts all 3 motors to the front ( or switches the rear one off and the front ones pull the "plane" only) sothat you have a normal plane then.
So basically VTOL!


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
the secent you rotate the motor to the frunt you loos lift and drop like a rock

I know, the conversion between the two sets will be difficult to program. I thought of probably getting a wing, so that it starts to glide for a while until the motors switch to the front fully and then you can apply some throttle again for quicker forward flight.

I think I have seen a video a little like that on youtube. I´ll look for it.


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Found it :D

Here another one showing the idea of what I mean. I think though this used the steering of a Bicopter.

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