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EDF X-wing possible?

Buck Harding

The Newest Newbie
This build idea is beyond my skills... for now, just learning here.

I've been toying with the idea of a scale EDF X-wing for a while but know it'd be an extremely difficult build just for the air frame and balance, knowing next to nothing about EDFs pushes it too far into the red to try, what with the investment of 4 motors and the unknowns of the general power and uses for EDFs. Not to mention I think I'd have to go big or go home to make it balance correctly as a flying wing with the fuselage hanging out front and to fit the S-foil mechanism inside the rear of the craft.

also, worried about the fuselage in front catching air and causing undesired yaw. could a flight control board squash that with a little (lot?) of diff thrust in the motors?

Thrust tubes were mentioned in the viggen video, but I'm not entirely sure i understand them. correct me if I'm wrong here but they're just narrowing the exhaust of the motor to a faster stream, like putting a smaller prop on with higher pitch, allowing a higher maximum speed but reducing the 'torque'? how necessary are they? Should I be posting a show request on EDF information?

Super technical build, not sure I'll ever do it but cool idea in my book. still not sure if its even possible with EDFs