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Edgewater Airpark and RC Park


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Looks like it’s going to be a fun day!
Hi bwarz,

I'm curious to know. Who did the family enjoy the day at Edgewater ? Inquiring minds need to know. :D
had a great day! the wind was a bit erratic and gusty through mid-afternoon so my younger boys ended up playing in the river with homemade boats and driving on the crawler course. My older son and I braved it a few times for some shorter flights without major incident, or at least nothing that couldn't be fixed with just the hot glue gun.

We also took the opportunity to stop up to saw hi to the FT crew and they were all very welcoming (as always).

As evening approached the winds became a bit more accommodating and we all got to take to the air. Some buddy-boxing with the little ones (while they're not so little anyone, they'll always be referred to as such!) My youngest flew his mini scout, the timber, and had some buddy time with Josh on a full size scout. My second spent many batteries on the timber. The third flew his mini Texan, the mini Zero, his X-vert, and many a battery through is Bushwhacker. My list of planes is long, but the notables are maidens on the FW190 and Hellcat by @Niez13 along with my BF109 and my builds for my little ones of the 125% Corsair and the Staggerwing. The Corsair proved too fast for conditions and obstacles for he and my buddy skills and the Staggerwing was a handful to say the least, so they'll both await the open field at home (and maybe FT Auras) before we buddy...

In all a nice relaxing day spent outside all day for the four of us, wrapped up with everyone hanging out with flying friends and family around a campfire.


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FTCA Director

Lee Kachner
Sept. 4th-6th "Wings at Work" flying event at Edgewater

During the FTCA sanctioned event,“Wings at Work”, at Edgewater Airpark over Labor Day weekend, we will be livestreaming a community build at 5:00 PM of the combat favorite, FT Bloody Baron. We will be invading the HQ and other locations on the grounds as needed to facilitate this project. Our goal is to provide a moment that can become a memory, on the bench and in the air.

This build will also provide a perfect opportunity for those of you that want to bring a friend or family member into the hobby, by introducing them to the experience of building their own aircraft. Or, you might be one that wants to expand your arsenal of combat-ready planes for the next combat you might engage in. Whatever reason you choose to use for joining us in the build will be acceptable, and will be celebrated.
Another purpose of having this build is to display to the FAA the kind of community and aircraft that they are trying to place regulations on. There seems to be a very large disconnect between all parties that are involved in the future of our hobby, and activities like this will help to display the true heart behind what we believe is important to the hobby. Take this opportunity to participate in our continued effort to protect what we have enjoyed for so long.

Along with the social and advocacy benefits of this build there are financial benefits as well. We are creating the FT Bloody Baron value bundle. The airframe and powerpack needed to get this beauty in the sky is going to begin at $89.99 (normally $99.99). But what’s even better is that for those of you who are FTCA Members there will be an additional discount; FTCA Ground Crew $79.99, and FTCA Aircrew $74.99. If you’re not a member, now’s a great chance to become one. If you don’t have this plane in your hanger, now’s your chance!