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Elections for AMA President are Coming Soon

The presidential election for the Academy of Model Aeronautics is coming. I heard about the impending AMA elections from Fred Provost (Flying Monkey) who was a guest on the FreeFall RC Podcast.

Today in the snail mail I received a packet from the AMA containing all the election literature. Included were the campaign statements for all three candidates running for the office of president: Richard Hanson, Lawerance, Tougas, and Eric Williams.

Richard Hanson and Eric Williams gave cogent, positive, uplifting statements. Each has plenty of experience. I especially liked Eric Williams emphasis on youth, education, Camp AMA, and STEM.

Finally the statement from the third candidate, Lawrence Tougas, starts out as follows:
"It is time for a change.
The AMA has strayed from its mission.
We must return the AMA’s focus back to traditional modelers."

Mr. Tougas never defines what "traditional modelers" means.
I'm not sure where foamies fall into his definition...or even non-club park flying...

Mr. Tougas then raises the heat against Multirotors, FPV, and backhandedly, people who don't belong to the AMA or flying clubs. Mr. Tougas says the AMA has spent way too many resources in marketing to these groups, but he presents no figures as to marketing dollars. Although not specifically stated, the underlying tone suggests that the AMA needs to separate themselves from these upstart groups who fall outside of the boundaries of "traditional modeling". That's pretty much his entire platform. Mr. Tougas then does go on to give his bio, etc.

Mr. Tougas has a presidential campaign website:

Here is Mr. Tougas's campaign statement in its entirety:

Here is a link to one of Mr. Tougas's blog posts, entitled, "You Dance with the One that Brought You".
The last line says it all:
"Elect me AMA President and we'll remember who to dance with."

And if a picture is worth a thousand words, the picture in the blog post shows where Mr. Tougas seemingly wants to take AMA...back to the good ol' days of Lawrence Welk.

When you get your AMA election packet......VOTE......(Ahem!...Cough!...Williams...Cough!...Cough!).
If you already threw your packet out, call the AMA and tell them the dog ate it...or the mailbox was stolen...etc.
Votes must be postmarked by November 8, 2016.
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Dooh!......you've ruined everything!!!

Well...now I guess the cat's out of the bag.

Behind the scenes, Fred has been secretly meeting with a few key people to coordinate his 2018 run.

I think we need to start a contest to come up with a catchy campaign slogan.
Something that will fit on the front of a baseball cap.
And no..."Make American Great Again" has already been taken.

We also need to take up a collection for the Lear Jet.


Wake up! Time to fly!
People like that guy are exactly the reason I stay away from AMA. I still can not believe that the 1970's "I'm a nobody" in a position of power so I'll be a dick people still exist. I find it funny how they treat people like crap yet want to force everyone to be a member. If I remember correctly there were some world wars fought to stop people like that from being in power and trying to take over the world.

I can not believe with the numbers for membership the AMA has that people like that can thrive. I think I'd go back to high school with all the little groups there before I would think about joining the AMA until people like that dude are no longer in positions to steer the clubs thru time.

You guys that are members might want to let your leadership know that actions speak louder then words and treating people like crap will not endear anyone nor bring them into your ranks. Having an organization to grow and drive the hobby is a great idea and over all it does help to support the hobby but the political "old school B.S." that comes with being a member is a non starter for many of us who would like to be members but can not tolerate that level of ignorance.

With a vote coming up now would be the time to start pushing for a change to make it friendly for ALL rc. modelers and that embedded Nazi like faction should split off and do their own thing if that's what they want.
Yep PsyBorg...agreed...there's one in every crowd...
I'm a member of the AMA for only a couple of reasons:...the insurance...and my FliteFest attendance over the past three summers.

And since I pay my dues each year, I'm going to cast a vote to try and steer the organization in the right direction.
There's lots of Flite Test members (ie. 500,000+ YouTube subscribers) who are also members of the AMA.
So we have some clout......it's time to use it...


Skill Collector
I'm hoping for a resounding vote from membership that leaves the "separate and hate" candidate in a very distant 3rd place.


Master member
I had to join being I own a farm and can fly my foamies and quads at home but I do not have room enough to fly gassers. The local clubs require AMA for membership and I have gotten into going to other clubs fun fly day`s, great way to meet other flyer`s. That being said there are very few members I have run into that do not care for quad flyer`s.

The issue is flying quads and planes at the same time can get a bit hairy no different then helicopters.. Most of the time everyone is cognitive of who is flying what, flying a quad into a $2 foamy versus someone's $2000 scale plane. The club I joined try`s to accommodate everyone that wants to join and fly, even against some who frown on the quads.

Quads are getting bad raps from the many that fly in areas they should not be flying in local parks, neighborhoods etc, when there are people around.
That being said there are very few members I have run into that do not care for quad flyer`s.
I joined the AMA to join a RC club. We fixed wing fliers appreciate the quad fliers at our club. Our field is adjacent to a very big corn field. The quad guys have saved us many hours of walking corn rows looking for lost airplanes. :cool:(y) They get lots of practice flying search patterns.
My AMA ballot has been sent.
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