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Electric Motor, ESC and Programming Card Compatibility


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Motor and esc fits recommended together. The Multi-Function Smart Program Box can be used, just remember thats only for up to 6s battery, motor and ESC can take 8s. So if using 8s, the program box dont fit.
What would you recommend for something like a heavy plane? Just trying to learn more about the whole electric motor setup required.


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How heavy do you project your plane would be? Share the plan of your build or any picture available and I bet a lot of people will be more than happy to help.


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If you lets us now what you are planning on building folks here will probably save you a ton's of money. those motors are meant to handle alot of torque so unless you are going to use a big propeller go ahead. but tell us what you want to do and people here will point you in the right direction.


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That motor is built for cars or trucks, you want to use outrunners for airplanes for the cooling of air going thru them.
Well I am trying to build a hybrid go kart and I require an electric motor for this purpose. The main engine will still add most of the power but implementing an electric motor with a bit of torque will allow faster acceleration. This is designed to go fast but torque will probably be more dominant than speed.