Electrify a Hanger-9 Alpha 60


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Hello, I am coming back into the hobby after many, many years (I used PC flight simulators to get my fix), and recently a friend gave me a third-hand alpha 60 (w/o electronics or engine). I wish to make this electric.
After watching many excellent flighttest vid's I learned I need to start with the prop, them motor/esc/battery.

The original prop is 12x4 3 blade. Should I just get the original prop (which was for glow) or something else electric based?
This is my dilemma; without the prop, I cant continue with other components.
(I have searched the net for conversion help, with some success, but nothing as specific as this model and prop choice).
Thanks in advance

FT: thanks for an wonderful (almost used 'awesome', I'm trying to not overuse the word and save it for Who its meant for) forum/youtube channel and website. I check you guys all the time.
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I have converted an Alpha 40 to electric and it was quite a project but I was very pleased with the results. The first thing I did was to look for a electric motor that was classed to the fuel engine size. Mine is a .40 so I chose this motor, Fire Power 40 600Kv
from Headsup Rc. I used the original prop size on this motor.
It pairs nicely with a Dynam 11x7x3 prop and a 60 amp OPTO ESC. I am running a 6s battery set up (2, 2200 Mah 3s batteries connected series)

I went with an OPTO esc, OPTO meaning it doesn't have a regulated voltage feed for the servos and Rx, I am using a 2s LiFe battery to power the Servos and Rx.

I removed the fuel tank and cut a battery door in to the cabin and made a floor for the batteries.

I removed the engine and the mount and cut off the extended arms that the glow engine mounted on.

I used the "X" mount that the motor comes with to mark the engine plate for drilling and mounted the motor with stand offs I got from Headsup Rc. Here is the link http://www.headsuphobby.com/8-by-1-2-Diameter-Motor-Mount-Spacers-Stand-Offs-D-695.htm

I wanted to have my ESC out in the open for good cooling so I made a mount for it above the motor and it looks kind of like a radiator but fits very well.

I use the cut out cabin as my battery cover and just screw it on with servo screws. Notice the red 6.6 voltage reading on the side here, I added that so I know what my shape Rx and servo LiFe battery is in. I got that from Hobby King.

Here is a picture of the batteries all tucked in, I added the foam to keep them secure, it is a tight fit!

There it is finished.....Well almost I had to add almost 3 oz of stick on weights to get proper balance because even with using part of the original engine mount and the ESC that far forward and the batteries up against the firewall she was still tail heavy, as it turns out that 0.40 EVO engine weighs in at over 1 lbs.

One more change I made was to take off the tricycle landing gear and make her a tail dragger!
I think it is just much cooler as a tail dragger!

So if you are still considering the conversion here are some links to help!
A couple motor choices,
Rx battery

I hope this helps you and if you have any questions please ask! I am no pro but I got mine to work and I am sure you can too! I get on the forum a couple times a day!

I am Gerald C. by the way, AKA ViperTech
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Thanks for that walk through of a very cool conversion project! I have an ACE 4-40 bipe for glow-elec conversion this winter and appreciate your write up on the steps and challenges you hit.