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ElectroHub custom build concerns

I am trying to build an ElectroHub straight quad. I want to build it a little tighter than the typical arm length. My concern is this--- when looking down upon the craft, I want the arc of the props to be as close to the edge of the hub as possible. I am aware that the prop arc should not actually overlap the hub due to turbulence. I will also have a little motor mount bias, about 12 degrees. This will cause the props to be slightly lower on their arc nearest the hub. (Kind of like dihedral only not).
I will be using 8 - 10" props depending on other factors.

So... what do you guys think should be a safe distance from the hub edge for the prop wash to NOT get caught by the hub edge ? I'm thinking an inch ought to do it, but I only want to cut these expensive carbon fiber tubes (16mm OD) once. Yes...not using the wood.

I got the idea of bias on the motors from watching the video on racing ElectroHub setups where the entire arm had an upward bias. I "got" how that stabilizes the craft somewhat. Makes sense to me. So, I'm trying a motor bias and will likely try to bias the arms somehow... much later. At least my motor mounts are (all 4) at the exact same bias. This ought to work.
Comments ?


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You could mock up a couple arms with foam or wood just to do a test fit before cutting the carbon.