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Electrohub Y-6 with Naza flight controller and more


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Flite Test electrohub with everything you need to build your first quacopter and more

I caught the bug for racing drones so need to free up some space and let go of my larger multi rotor stuff.
Here is what the package includes

6 2212 960 KV motors from ready to fly quads
6 20 amp Rapid fire escs with Simon k firmware from ready to fly quads
Flip 1.5 board and KK2.1.5 control board
9x5 propellers
Flite test electrohub main frame and power distribution board and XT-60 pigtail
Plastic protective dome
2 axis 12V go pro gimbal (this is the cheap eBay one but does do an okay job of stabilization)
Flite test rail system with battery tray and fpv mounts.
Battery and camera mount fort GoPro camera.

Extra standard motor mounts and landing gear for quadcopter, hexacopter, and tricopter options (including Y-6 motor mounts) including all the mounting hardware needed.
Electrohub tough tilt mechanism for tricopter option.
Extra angled arm for quadcopter configuration.
6 wooden booms for any configuration.
Flight controller mount.
Aluminum skid landing gear that connects to Flite Test rail system
3 flite test AP landing gear

Would like $250 for all of it but will entertain offers.

This will ship from the Portland, Oregon area so let me know if you are interested by responding to this thread.



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I would totally part that out. The Battery/go pro mount is a little bent up and I would through that in for no charge.
Just let me know what you would want to pay for the tough tile, fpv rail system and gimble and we can see if we can make it work.
I can throw in the tough tilt servo at no charge too since I won't need it.