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Electronics info


Junior Member
I'm getting started in RC flying and would like to understand more about the power train and electronics. By power train, I mean the ESC, battery, BEC/UBEC, motor components. The electronics includes everything else from servo to receiver. If anyone could recommend a good book with up-to-date info on RC electrical/electronic components that would be where I'd like to start but all advice appreciated.

I've built the Nutball from downloaded plans and was surprised how easy the foam board was to cut out with a good hobby knife. Also surprised at how easy it was to glue the airframe to my work table when adjusting the wing dihedral. My power pod needs the power train installed and the airframe the servos and linkages.

I've flown micro-sized stuff (think Air Hogs) and micro-quads plus over-extended my ability with an attempt at a Blade CP Pro a few years ago (72 Mhz). Three attempts at take-offs and three crashes convinced me that helicopters need more than a willingness to try.


Senior Member
@earthsciteach: great link, I'd say a must read for people starting out. Many terms and concepts explained in plain language and rather concise.

Good stuff :)