Elevator problem when switching mode on e flite apprentice


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When switching from beginner to intermediate mode on my e flite apprentice the elevator changes position causing the nose of the plane to rise!........ If anybody know why, i would be very grateful :confused:


Is this while it is on the ground or in the air?

AS3X doesnt initialize until over 1/4 throttle or something weird...

Until then I have found that the plane does unusual things that I'm not used too...


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Hi Krar..... The elevator changes position when in the air and when on the ground after and before the safe mode is active!

thanx for reply


That is unusual....
I would either suspect a setting in your transmitter or the AS3X receiver unit is bad/programmed wierd...

Have you tried creating a new model in the transmitter and rebinding? - This would indicate whether or not something in the transmitter is mis-programmed...

What happens if you go to advanced flight mode? Does the elevator return to its normal position?


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I have rebound the plane and it seems to be better! The elevator still moves up a fraction but only like 1 or 2 clicks on the trim.....when i change to expert mode nothing happens! hopefully the weather will be good enough tomorrow to have a test flight! cheers


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Well i still have the same problem! :confused: I rebound the plane, but still have the same problem......also something that might be clue......when i change from beginner mode to intermediate mode the plane starts wanting to fly in a circle as well as climbing to much.......than when i flick back to beginner mode the plane starts to fly straight again:confused:


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Not sure.if this would work, but you may be able to use sub trims or reposition the servo arm to help. Unless the servo goes all the way to the top position.


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Hi SJA, I had this plane and the same issue.

Here's the mistake you making, you trimming the plane in safe mode.
Safe mode naturally has elevator up and a bit of right rudder.


Put the planes trims to 0 on everything.
Manually adjust your control surface to exactly level.
Do not change any trims.

Put the plane perfectly level on a flat surface, bind the plane.
Before flying, put the plane on a flat surface, it does the little control surface dance.

Take off and switch to expert mode.

hold throttle at 50% exactly. ( Be sure that your ESC is calibrated.)
Trim the plane.

Land, put the plane off.

This will be saved forever :)

Make sure the plane is 100% level when binding.
Make sure the plane is 100% level when turning the transmitter on.

99% this helps.
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My E-Flite Timber does the same thing, so don't think it's just you. A good thing about this is it allows you to fly slightly slower.