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Elevon/Flaperon Mixing on DX6i


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I have been searching for how to do this an normally i just try and find an answer but it seems that the answer is eluding me.
i modified a titan foam chuck glider and added elevons but no ailerons and the plane flew fantastic as a simple trainer.

i wanted to add aileron+Flaps to start learning a few new things and try something new. but i cant seem to find the right options with my transmitter.

i have 4 servos one for each control surface and i have the dx6i with a 6ch receiver. i have found several places where people have setup F22's with this 4x4 setup but they had much better transmitters with 6 mixes. and i dont think they wanted flaps just extra roll authority. i only have 2 mixes.

is it possible for me to get aileron and flap with the current elevon setup or would i need to upgrade my transmitter or purchase an external mixer? (i'd prefer to do it all in the radio.)


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so i came across something that might work and gave me an idea, but i will have to try it tonight when i get off work and i dont even know if it will work, if i enable both Dual aileron and V-Tail then Mix aileron -> rudder i would theoretically be able to get the servos positioned the right way to get both the Elevon~ish + Aileron and it seems the flaps can be added easily. - anyone know why this wouldnt work?

i know i have a flat tail with no rudder and i would just leave the rudder stick alone.

Comments Appreciated.
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Am i right?
You have 4 servos.
1 elevator
1 rudder
1 right aileron
1 left aileron (aux1/Flap).

Model type acro
dualaile on (no V-tail)
Flaps menu and assign levels for norm and land.

What is the problem?

You do not use throttle.
It might be possible to mix throttle to flap for continous flap - i have not tested this on DX6i but it is used as brake for normal glider setup with 4 wing servos (need more channels than 6i).