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emax 12a esc not chirping

My brother and i are building our first FT kit, the easy trainer, and we're encountering some issues with the electronics. After we built the power pod, we decided to check and make sure the electronics all worked/calibrate the esc... the radio was bound perfectly and the servos work but the esc/engine would only twitch when given throttle. After trying the esc with different channels on the reciever and even a servo tester, we still can't get the engine to spin

Our main question right now is: why is the esc not chirping when power is applied? the engine won't even twitch at this point. the battery is fully charged, the radio is bound with the esc signal wire in channel 1, and the connectors from the esc to the engine appear to be in good condition

Any help is appreciated

Hello, I think that it is actually the motor that makes the chirp... Sometimes the solder joint at the bullet connections can be tricky. If you are not confident, I think that might be something to try. Also, if you are using the small Eflite motors, you need to be careful with the attachment to the firewall. You need to use the short bolts. The longer bolts will go too deep and short out the windings. Something that I did twice before realizing the problem.
Good luck!
thanks ttprig,

we were using the medium sized bolts to hold the engine to the firewall... after taking the engine off the firewall, we got the engine to chirp. we have the musical chimes, 1 beep, 2 beeps etc

we turn on the mz10, stick to full, plug in battery to esc, we get the chimes, 1 beep... bring throttle down to zero, and no more chips but the engine wont spin... are we doing something wrong?

Thanks so much for your helpful advice

we found the emax BLheli manual, and we have the throttle range set properly. the engine will twitch when given throttle but will not rotate fully. did we brake the engine with the longer screws?