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Help! EMAX BLHeli Series 20A ESC (XT-60)

Can someone tell me the size of the bullet connectors on the EMAX BLHeli Series 20A ESC (XT-60)? I am building the Goblin but the 2mm bullet connectors on the motor do not match the connectors on the ESC. I looked on the ESC product page. I do not want to solder the end together.


Master member
I believe they would be 3.5mm, but I don’t have one of those ESC’s so I can’t be totally sure. I do have the 30a Emax ESC and it has 3.5mm connectors. If they’re not 2mm they’re almost guaranteed to be 3.5mm. Good Luck!
Thanks. No place in town had anything close to 3.5mm connectors. So I had to use good old hardware store crimp on connectors. It's probably just as well. This is my first plane and it's looking rather rough.
I didn’t have any connectors, so I just soldered the connections and insulated the splices with heat shrink tubing.
And don’t worry about it looking rough, it will still fly ugly and you won’t be as upset when it crashes. My first plane....has taken a beating.


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Be aware that crimp connectors have an amperage rating, be sure you used the right ones. Red are 5A, blue are 10A and yellow are 20A approx. They are not ideal, soldering the wires is better if you can’t get bullet connectors.