Emax brushless motor issues


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Hey guys, I really need someone's help on this...

I've just received new Emax brushless motors from Banggood and one isn't working as it should be.

Most of the time, it oscillates and doesn't spins properly. However, it works fine without the prop, but as soon as I screw the prop on and I apply full throttle, it goes to full power and then goes back to idle and keeps going back and forth like that.

So withtout props it works fine, with prop it sometimes only oscillates, sometimes goes to full throttle and back to idle and keeps doing that....

Don't know what to do. Like I said, motor is brand new and ESC also..



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Mind if I ask which motor and ESC?

From your symptoms -- without the load it can startup fine, but with a load it falls out of sync -- it sounds like it's borderline on the timing on that ESC. If you tested with the same brand/size of ESC, you'll see the same problem.

If you've got the manual (or can get to it) or programming card for that ESC two things you can try -- reduce the timing setting (it's probably at medium, and you'll want low) or increase the soft start (probably low or off and you'll want meduim).

Try them one at a time in that order. The timing will likely fix it, but the soft start will help . . . with the cost of not having instant throttle response from 0 throttle -- if you need it, it's worth that penalty.