Emax MT2213 still good for 120% Simple Scout?


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Hello guys! This is my first post here :).

I want to build the Simple Scout from depron, and I have already bought the recommendeed Emax MT2213 motor for it.

But as I'm using 6mm depron instead of DTFB, I decided to scale the plans to 125% so I don't have to fiddle with slot widths and lots of other adjustments.

Now I wonder if I make the Scout 125% larger, should I really use a more powerful motor, or can I manage with it???
The added size is only depron, which doesn't weigh much, but a larger plane has more wind resistance...


Original: 37.5" (952 mm)
Scaled 125% : 46.9" (1190mm)

FT states recommended motor as:

Park 400, 810 kv minimum

Thank you!!


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I fly my standard sized cub w B pack motor w 10x4.5 all the time. They say a 8x4.5 but to me that doesn't have enough umph. Use a 20a esc and a 3S battery. If u are 125% it will fly but not verticle. Go to 30a and u should have no problems.

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The Scout is a little over-powered with that motor, a 10x4.5 prop and a 3S battery, so a 120% oneshould be fine for generally flying around, loops and rolls, etc, but it might be a bit under-powered for advanced stuff. If you find that you need more power, you can go up to a 4S battery and a 9x5 propeler.


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Also consider, you're not adding 25% more weight if you're only increasing the size of the airframe. Since a good portion of the all up weight is the electronics, and you're not adding weight to that. I'd say the motor will fly it no problem. I'd only upgrade if the plane didn't have as much performance as you want it to in flight.