Emax Simon Series 12 Amp esc beeping 3 times per second FOREVER


I have a nighthawk 250. I don't really fly it anymore so when I bought the FT Mini Mustang speed build kit last month I decided to take a motor and an esc from the nighthawk to put into my FT Mini Mustang to save money.

Here is where it starts

I began to get the power pod ready but when the electronic system is plugged in the motor will beep 3 times per second continuously. I tried many other motors. I tried using a different esc from the same quad, same thing.

Obviously all the speed controllers in my quad have been effected by some kind of software issue.

I am using the CC3D flight controller with my Nighthawk. I plugged the esc to see if I can somehow re-calibrate or flash it but It's been so long I really have no idea what I'm doing with openpilot.

Does anyone know what this is? How do I fix this?

This is the exact esc I am using. http://www.emaxmodel.com/esc/emax-simon-series-12a-for-multirotor.html


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The instruction on that page say of the TX throttle is not at the top or bottom the ESC will beep continuously.

You have to have the ESC in the receiver and the receiver communicating with the TX. Then

Throttle stick all the way up to enter programming mode - to calibrate the throttle at least but also to set the failsafe modes you want maybe.

Throttle stick all the way down to arm.

If it doesn't go into program mode or arm with the throttle stick all the way up or down, your throttle servo endpoints might not be right.


Thanks so much!

I feel really dumb right now. Thank you so much. I can fly now! Well I have to build first...but I can fly now!