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Emergency 360 Video Help!

I need someone with stitching software to help!

I've been working on something really cool & am finally ready to start sharing details. However, I have a serious problem & need a hand.

I designed & built a unique 360 camera rig that flies. A VR UAV. So far, it has exceeded my wildest expectations.

I'm tripping around the internet last week & I found just what the product needs at this very time: http://www.vive.com/us/vivex/

This program nurtures the VR companies of tomorrow with mentorship, advice, office space, & VC capital. Is my craft worthy? It is but I have to convey that with a video.

I spent the past few days trying to find a picturesque setting for the maiden video shoot & learn how to stitch but my computer just won't handle the workload. I can fix this problem, but not before my deadline of the 19th.

I have seen a couple 360 FT videos. You guys using stitch software or do you have one of those magical cameras that stitch on the fly?



Wake up! Time to fly!
Check this video out. It gives a little information on what they do with videos as well as talk about their new super computer for video production. You might pull some ideas up from that before they come across your post and respond.

Thanks PsyBorg. Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to finish a compelling application in time. Still working on it, though.

I got together with a friend of mine today & we tried to stitch my maiden together with trial versions of a few types of software (with watermark) to see if we could make it work. Unfortunately, there was soooo much white from the snow to the overcast sky that neither Autopano Video Pro nor VideoStitch could make sense of anything. I ended up with a panorama of alternating white ground & white sky in AVP. Trippy but not what I was after.

It seems that the answer to a difficult stitch like this is to make a template that tells PTGui (& VideoStitch) at what position which camera should be.

I will be posting cool videos as soon as I can figure it all out. I might have to shoot a new "maiden" since the snow is all gone. Everett is no fun when it comes to snow.

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