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Enable Tapatalk for this Forums if Possible - iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry etc

Here's a -1 to tapatalk. The forums work just fine in my phone browser, I don't need yet another program to do the same thing. And I don't need or want the repeated "No, really, don't you want to use tapatalk instead?" popups every time I visit.


Senior Member
I am not in favor of anything between the forum and the browser. I've used TapTalk on RC Groups and found that it gets in the way. I prefer just using the browser on the desktop site.
While it is a vBulletin 4.2 board it can be a real challenge managing a board that is this large. While I like Tap Talk, every viewer becomes another possible vector for malicious code. I'm sure the FT crew would like to enable just about any reader but with their small team they are likely holding off while they focus on their core mission.

</my $.02>


RC Enthusiast
A big reason why I haven't joined the forums earlier was the lack of tapatalk support, I use tapatalk to read a lot of forums. Its IMHO easier when you are on the go. When I'm on the computer everything is 10x easier, but I really like browsing the forums with tapatalk on my phone.

I know some forums where the site administrators have declared that it's not possible due to technical issues. Some have other reasons. Can we get an admin to share their thought about tapatalk? Would you consider it, or why wouldn't you.


Junior Member
1+ tapatalk

This site in iOS is utterly useless. It takes FOREVER to post anything using iOS and forget leaving the browser before you've posted your post because 95% of the time it'll be gone when you get back. It also doesn't keep your login info for very long so I find myself logging in almost every time I use these forums.

Tapatalk is awesome and works well. I use it to interact with gaming forums.