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Epic Adventure

First of all, i'd like to say i'm new to the hobby of RC flying, and i've only had my plane for 6 days, built yesterday i had my very first crash ever, counting my first few days in the hobby. I had been having a nice flight with my super cub, and the battery was getting low and a breeze had come up. I lined up a landing approach to land on my gravel road, and i needed to fly over some low trees (maybe 20 feet high) and then flying in between two 40 foot spruces before gliding in from a good altitude to land. Then field i had been flying over ran parallel to the road, and opposite to the field were more trees, so that was not an option. So i descended to about 35 feet and slowed the engine. i cruised over the trees safely, and made my way in between the spruces, when suddenly a crosswind caught me and i went flying right into the very top of the taller of the trees. I shut off the engine and thought about what to do. It was stuck about 40 feet up, and strongly held in place. It didn't appear damaged and i had perfect control over it. out of desperation, i shut off the remote, grabbed my knife and climbed the tree. I'm only 12 and a good tree climber, so i safely reached the top. I carefully extracted the plane and found it to have no damage other than a few tiny nicks out the wing. With a wingspan of 42" and 40 feet up in a tree where the branches grow a foot apart, there was no way i was going to climb down a now violently swaying tree with a huge airplane. Suddenly, i got an idea. It wasn't brilliant, but it was i had. I managed to get the plane to the other side of tree, facing the field. i took out my knife and began cutting away any branches thin enough to cut or snap. after 5 minutes i had an opening in the canopy of the tree about 50 inches wide and 50 inches tall. the problem was that i had to keep it perfectly level and in a perfectly straight line until i flew clear of the branches (about 3 feet out at this height), and then pull up with high rates on to clear another tree in front of me at the exact moment, all off a self hand land in windy conditions with one hand ( the other was holding a branch) in the freezing cold (i'm up north and it snowed yesterday) 40 feet up in a violently swaying tree. ( Does it get any worse than this!?) It took me about 10 minuets to find courage to risk it. finally i convinced myself to just do it, so i trimmed it as best i could, put full throttle... and threw it! it cleared the tree i was in and it grabbed the elevator sick and pulled, just clearing the tree in front... I was clear! i levelled out as not to stall, and cut the engine, gliding in softly and landing in the tall grass of the field, not making any attempt to land a proper landing on the road in this situation. I let out a Whoop of joy, only to see my neighbours walking past, without seeing the plane, but saw me celebrating in the top of the swaying tree in the freezing cold giving me odd looks!

I hope you enjoyed the long tale of my first crash, and i also forgot to sat 2 things, 1, that was my 4th flight i've ever had, and 2, i had never flown in that location before. Thank you flitetest, as i have entered the wonderful hobby, being inspired by you!



Old age member
That was a GREAT story. Climbing trees is one of the most common things for young model flyers!
I am only sorry that you did not have anyone to take some pictures or a video.