Episode 156 - Last of 2018!


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Episode 156 - Last of 2018!
December 21, 2018
Episode 156 - Last of 2018!

Join Kevin, Steve and Andy as we talk about how we did with our 2018 resolutions and what we would like to accomplish in the 2019 year. What's your resolutions, what's your goals for the new year!

We at FreeFallRC Podcast wants to wish everyone a fun, safe and healthy New Year!

Free Our Skies and Thanks for Listening!

Thank You so much from the FFRC Podcast crew!

Free our skies and we'll see ya next time...

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Guys - I thought the review was great - especially when Andy said that his goal was to trick you into letting him join the podcast.

Here is the list of my goals for 2018 and the result
  • Build glider that looks like an eagle
    • Did not achieve. I did, however put together the plans.
  • Publish at least 1 video per month to my HilldaFlyer YouTube Channel.
    • Achieved. Wow, I surprised myself with 36. But, the first wasn't until April so I did not get on in every month.
    • Started a new channel called HilldaFlyer Extra for all the videos that were not focused on me. These are where the HeliFest flights will go, eventually.
  • Build a set of 4 FA-18s to fly in formation
    • Did not achieve. I spent hours designing the plans but during the planning I discovered some technical challenges that will have to be overcome before the build can be started.
  • Build FPV Wing
    • Did not achieve. However, the year ain't over yet. The air frame was built a few months ago but I just received the flight controller yesterday. All I have to do is install the FC.
  • Build ultra-light MiniWing
    • Achieved. Maiden April 13, 2018
  • Build ultra-fast MiniWing
    • Achieved. Maiden April 13, 2018 but torque rolled - basically it is unflyable.
  • Soaring plane
    • Did not achieve. I spent some time designing the wing but didn't get my hot wire foam cutter for wings finished. I guess that should have been the original goal.
  • Build FT Viggen
    • Achieved. Maiden June 2018. Flew at HeliFest and smashed it up a bit. It died later this year after several flights. I will rebuild it.
  • FA-18E 40in Fiberglassed with 0.73 oz.
    • Achieved. Maiden April 2018
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Great episode - and I agree that Andy wins! :p

I had a couple resolutions from 2018 too...

- Finish the FW-42 Monster Build - nope. Still in progress.

- Go to Flite Fest Ohio - nope. Family schedule conflicts and I chose to miss it this year.

- Fly more and better by learning the Clubman pattern sequence- nope. I worked on it a bit this spring and summer, but after I smashed my Tele practicing inverted I haven't gone back to it.

- Coordinate another Flite Test Forum Challenge - YES!! Finally got one! :D

- Build a classic Balsa Telemaster - Yes!! And she flies great, just watch the sun when trying inverted in the morning. :cry:

- Fly a giant scale aircraft - YES!! I restored an Elder 60 and have 5 flights (no crashes) on a giant scale airplane :D

So it's been a mixed bag - but a lot of fun anyway :D

And before I noticed this Episode thread, I started up a 2019 Resolutions post in the forum to go public with next year's list, and encourage others to do the same. https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/2019-rc-resolutions.56706/