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Episode 206 - Blackout Mods and the End of 2019!


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Episode 206 - Blackout Mods and the End of 2019!
December 20, 2019
Episode 206 - Blackout Mods and the End of of 2019!

Join Steve, Kevin and Andy as we welcome Dennis Gouskos, the founder and owner of Blackout Mods. We get to talk about gasser and turbine conversion with Dennis, how he came about developing conversion kits, what's next to be released and more. We also go into New Year Resolutions and end the year in a bang!

Happy Holidays from the FFRC Podcast crew and family!

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2019 Resolutions
  • Steve:
    • Stop buying so much shit, except for the goblin kraken, This doesn’t count for crash repairs
    • Fly the other way, all circuits hurricanes and funnels in 8 orientations
    • Sim More
    • Auto More, maybe inverted, but definitely upright down
  • Kevin:
    • Build another EDF plane x29?
    • Maiden a 3D printed plane
    • Fly inverted backwards
    • Sim more
    • Build a Balsa kit!
  • Andy:
    • Keep working on skills. Get tic tocks dialed in.
    • Get back in to 3d plane practice.
    • Build a 700 electric.
    • Fly gliders more
    • Don’t sim so much
    • Keep on keeping on

2020 New Years Resolution.
  • Steve
    • Fly circuits in all orientation
    • Fly left to right than out and back.
  • Kevin
    • Auto from the left
    • Inverted Autos? Oh boy
    • Repaint a foam plane, sbach 342
    • Try tic tocs in all disk in orientations
  • Andy
    • keep working on tic tocs
    • More inverted autos (dismount)
    • More better piro flips
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