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ESC/Battery/Motor question

100_4851.JPG 100_4852.JPG 100_4853.JPG

I bought my electronics through HobbyKing and I'm not sure I got what I actually needed. Photo 1 shows the motor and the bullet connectors, the cup on the connectors seems a bit big for the wires. Is that ok?

Photo 2 shows the ESC and the bullet connectors, they look to be the right size to me.

Photo 3 is my biggest problem. The battery has a JST connector and the battery has 2 bare wires. I also bought the yellow connector pictured. My question is, what is the best way for me to connect the battery to the JST.

Thanks so much in advance for any help. If you need any other information to help me out, just ask away.

PS If anyone from HobbyKing reads this, please show the wire ends in your product pictures to help newbies like me, or suggest what other items I will need to complete a project.


Starting with the battery connectors, you can either change the battery connector to the XT60 type (the one you bought), or buy a matching JST connector to the one on the battery. I'd recommend buying a matching JST connector.

No worries about the bullet connectors being larger than the wires. You'll fill that in with solder. Heat shrink is something you'll want to purchase, as well. This will cover the bullet connectors so they don't short out if they contact each other. Electrical tape works, too.

Where do you live? If in the US, I can give you more options to buy those than just Hobby King.


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If you plan on having multiple batteries and planes, you might want to consider going to a single type of connector so your charging plugs can be standardized. Most people use either the XT60 (yellow one that you have) or a Deans type. Here is a good supplier I use that has a decent selection. It just makes it easier if you use the same battery for different planes or different batteries in one plane to have them interchangeable. Not saying to worry about it now, just something to consider for the future.
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I'd avoid changing the connector on the battery if it can be avoided. Big risk of shorting it out. I'd recommend xt60 over deans (but that's a matter of taste unless you plan to get more lipos from HK) and use jst<->xt60 adaptors when needed.


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that's pretty brand specific, but even that isn't consistant.

Most of Turnigy's medium/large sized batteries come wiht xt60s . . . until you get to the smaller sizes, then it changes to jst . . . till you get to even smaller sizes and then it's all over the map. It seems to be the case for many manufacturers -- each have their own favorite connector, but they'll switch when the current no longer matches the size, then it's a bit of a market free-for-all.