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esc connector

I've found that there is usually a dab of solder that won't let the make plug compress enough to fit into the female. I just give it a light squeeze working all around the male plug and it will then slip in. If it becomes too loose then a fine screw driver and pull the ears out slightly.
Thank you that worked! lol Now cant get the motor to run. I am using an ar620 Antenna and form what I understand is that the bat for extra battery and channel 1 is for throttle. But, does it activate the failsafe and turn off the throttle and if does how do I turn it on? Im using a DX6e and the servos for tale work just fine. Do have to do anything with the preset failsafe on the AR620?
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Thought might have shorted out the esc. So took apart tested it with servo tester and the motor works fine. Reconnected it all back up still no throttle
Ok so I was messing with the transmitter and the settings and manged to do something to throttle. Reset the the transmitter to default and rebind and everything works...