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ESC Question

That's what I'm assuming as well. I didn't amp test to see what I'm drawing but I can tell it's not close to it's rating. I've got one setup on my workbench right now. I'll keep hacking on the esc program till I figure out what the issue is. My typical "start the receiver with full throttle" definitely doesn't initiate calibration... I acts like full throttle at boot puts it into program mode. Just not sure where I'm at from there. I'll do some testing and take some notes. Hopefully I can wrap it around my head without any instructions lol.


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I would simply try that esc either on a different plane with a proven motor/prop combo and see how it does or swap out the motor in that plane.

I have a couple smaller HK esc's I can't get into the program mode no matter what I do, most though I can. Possibly some need the program card to hack into them.


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I can't remember if you said you had set tour throws up but make sure you're getting at least 100% on throttle.
On the video it sounds like the motors are almost missing poles.

Just to edit, I concur, I've loads of Chinese escs that simply won't program, use them as is out the box or not at all sort of set up.
I don't think i did say, but yes I even pushed the top end to 120% just to be sure. It really acts like the esc hits it's top limit at around 85% up-stick. My program card should be in today (although I'm not too hopeful) and I've got some 30a simonk escs on a slow boat from China coming too just in case I can't get these to wake up. I do have a nice blheli that I've been saving for my CAP 232 Max. If this program card doesn't work, I'll wire this one up just to determine for sure it's the esc and not just poopy motors.
Well the goose is dead. The ipower motors performed marvelously but I was also WAY overweight( I was testing my new fpv rig WITH my gopro still mounted). I'm sure this had a lot to do with those generic motors keeping up as well (even though it was way lighter when I was running those). But I did do some testing on the bench and found that I had in fact screwed up the throttle calibration. I had two escs that hadn't been programmed, still new in the bag. So I pulled them out and benched it next to the generic motor and esc that I had programmed in the Goose. The unused escs had a DRAMATICALLY stronger run than the escs I had mis-programmed. This program card doesn't work with this model either of course so I'm still stuck with these two escs that won't go full throttle. I'll put them to the side until I get to them again.
Started a cruiser and mini cruiser build this weekend so I'll probably move these iPower motors over to the full sized cruiser when it's done. The goose is on the back burner now. I've order two sunnysky x2216 1400kvs with 1220g thrust on a 9060. By factory numbers I should be about 800g total thrust over the iPowers. I'll trim some fat on the next build and do a better job of making my spars lighter (1' oak was a bit overkill).

I have this electric airsoft gun with full range gimbal is burning a hole in my pocket... If I can't get this goose to carry her, I'll look into a kraken... I'll post the video of my epic tree crash this evening. Its back to rain here again so I guess the week is all about the hotgue!