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Eurofighter Typhoon Maiden. Elevon gyro mixing, 6mm depron tomhe plans.


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Hi all,

This is a video of my (profile) Eurofighter.

I am working on a full fuse F-22 Raptor now, and it is almost finished.

F-22 (199).jpg

I will post a video of the maiden when it is completely done.. :)




Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Nice maiden!

Looks like you´re going for an EDF with your raptor!
The fuse on its own looks great already! You seem to be a precise worker!

Good job and keep it up :)


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Thanks for all the comments... :)

The raptor will not be a'n edf plane... there is a prop in the back with up and down thrust vectoring.

F-22 (195).jpg


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Wow! So up and down vectoring + stabilators (is that how you call it when the whole elevator surface the only back surface?)

It looks nice and clean! You´ve done a beautiful job on this! Keep it up
The F-22 a Steve Shumate (Jetset44)design? He does come up with some nice designs, I made his F-14, and plan on making some more of his planes
Nice work BTW!
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If you guy's like, i will make a buildthread with a lot of buildpictures in the "Scratch Builds and Such" section.

btw.. it took me 1 week to build this plane with buildplans from http://www.parkjets.com

Here is a video of the controls of this plane.