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european foamboard sources

Hi all,

sadly, there is no source for the original Adams Board, but I found something for my builds:

At www.modulor.de you can find a variarity of foamboards. The site speaks serveral languages. Most boards are 50 x 65 cm so you have to improvise a bit at the longer parts. They sell even longer cuts, but prize and transport costs get really high. You can order small quantities or a box with 25 boards.

Now I found a new source www.foamboarden.de. The company is in Amsterdam. I could order foamboard 50 x 70 cm, which is closer to the original 20 x 30 inch. Transport is ok, but they sell only boxes with 25 boards, Credit Card mandatory.

The paper seems to be a bit thicker and clean peeling off seems to be impossible.


CU Werner
Foamboard is a much stiffer material with paper on both sides, even the foam itself is more like Styrodur, while Depron is more spongy like EPP.

Tried the F22 in Depron and carbon. I retired it soon.

CU Werner