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Everybody loves a 1/3 scale Cub with electric FLAT 4!!!!

Tim Hoyer

Watch This!!!!!


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Rotor Riot!
SOOOO. I'm new to these things. With such a big engine, so much power, what's it for? Flying big scale planes on small motors?

Tim Hoyer

Watch This!!!!!
The motors were chosen because they fit under the cowl. And the full scale had 4 motors, so we did this! Just something cool nobody has ever done, we actually had 6 under construction, lost 4 when our shop burnt down last year. 1 is in our cub and the other is..........well you'll see


Got Lobstah?
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40 POUNDS of thrust?! Dude! I don't say dude that much but how else am I supposed to respond?

So is that configuration just for looks, for experimentation, or does it actually provide an advantage over 1 large motor?

Tim Hoyer

Watch This!!!!!
It's just cool, it would take a HUGH Turnigy motor. My dad just wanted to be different and a week later he had this. BUt ya on 6 cells PER motor, she pulls 40## of "holy crap that's fun"!!!!