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Experimental canard plane im building

This is an in progress build I designed a few years ago and just decided to start building after I found your YouTube channel and website and discovered the possibilities of foam board. The canards have been changed since the pic to full moving lifting canards and it's getting an 8x4 3 blade pusher its have servoless retracts. Any suggestions or concerns I should watch out for? I figure it's going to be a little touchy on the canrad inputs.
Thanks everyone for your input



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My biggest concern is not the canards but the foward sweep section of the wing.
Unless the torsional rigidity is carefully arranged as it flexes under load, and all wings do a bit, it will have the effect of increasing the incidence out towards the tip. The exact opposite of what is required for safe aerodynamic control. :eek:


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Looks pretty awesome! Are the canards that you are using now any bigger than the ones in the picture? also, are you adding a rudder/rudders? Looks sweet, but having that forward swept section cancels out the yaw correcting benefits of a swept wing. Also, what is your plan for a wing spar?
The canards in the pic were just the forward section to mount the movable parts to I did a way with them and installed fully movable 6in by 4in airfoil conards that can fully adjust that angle of attack. It will have dual fins and rudders only the center section of the wing was done in that pic. I will get an updated pic tomorrow showing the new canards and the wing reinforcements.