Explorer CG Balance Tail Heavy Revisited


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I see that there are several older threads around the correct CG balance of the Explorer but I still don't understand why mine is tail heavy even though I carefully followed the build video. Mine is built with
  1. a speed build kit
  2. a GT2215/09 motor (original "C" pack motor)
  3. an APC 9x4.5 pusher prop
  4. a 2200mAh 3s Gen ace battery that weights 166g placed as far up front as possible.
  5. the tail pushed into the main body so the holes align.
In the build video Josh used the same motor but a Lumenier 2250 mAh battery and according to their specs it weights in at 170g so only 4g more than mine. So why is mine so tail heavy that I have to add 56g to the nose for it to balance?
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I can’t speak to your build.
My experiences are similar to yours. I’ve modified nearly every FT I have built. All of then requires lengthening the nose to achieve the CG without adding weight.