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Expos and Dual Rates: What settings?


Junior Member
Hi All,

I have just picked up my first aircraft, an electra glide (http://rc-sf.com/?p=556). I have it all setup, CG all good and everything bound. Tomorrow will be the maiden flight.

There is noone in my area to train me so I am sure it will be a crash course (hopefully not literally). Now to get started I wanted to know what I should set my expos and dual rates at to ensure that I don't overdo the controls. When I yuse the flight sims I occasionally overdo my controls which is when i usually lose control which results in the nasty crash animations that make you feel sad...

Thanks guys,



Rotor Riot!
Well, if you can program your transmitter you could start with the following:

Expo: 20-25%
Dual Rate High: 100%
Dual Rate Low: 60%

Those work out for me on the Bixler. If you seem to overdo the controls all the time, you might want to stay on the simulator specifically practicing not overdoing the controls. When you learn to make small necessary adjustments by just touching the sticks, you'll be perfect to go.

If I had to determine if someone is ready to go from the simulator to the real deal, I would analyze three things: orientation, ability to fly smoothly (not overcontrolling) and good throttle management.