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extra 330 to delta wing

i have a hobbyking extra 330 epp brushless plane.
i flew it, crashed it adn didn't like it, it also had negative dihedral so i was thinking of using the power system and wings to make a plane
BUT i have a few questions
will it work?
what would be the best way to do it?
how should i do it?
what batteries should i use?
i have a
1300 3s
2100 3s
700 2s
what props should i use?
should i just get a different plane and put the power system from the 330 into it?


Old age member
Recycling - Everything goes if you know what to do. An Extra does not have the best wing profile for a flying wing so you will not find it all to easy to get the wing flying well. Regarding batteries - Light planes fly better than heavy ones but there must be enough Power for the motor and weight of the plane.


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Take the exact power system from that plane and build a FT Versa. Just based off the information you have given I can tell you that should work well. Often you will see higher kv ratings on wings than acro planes like the Extra, but I can say from experience a 1000 kv motor on a flying wing the size of the Versa actually produces a very enjoyable flight characteristic most of the time.

The motor that came in that Extra is more than likely somewhere around 1000 to 1400 kv, just based off the batteries listed and the relative size of the plane. I would expect that to be great for a Versa, and really the best bet it you are flying your first wing. They are a trip, but the really fast ones and high kv models can have some real torque issues when you are launching and it is best to start with something easier to manage. Launching a wing at all takes some practice. Not to mention totaling a Versa sets you back 2 bucks so you already have what you need to learn. Good luck.


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Oh it will work, but I'm not sure how well. That is a lot more weight than those planes were designed for. More than double on the motor alone. It would certainly take more airspeed to hold the plane up, but you would have the power needed. My only concern would be if the plane provides enough lift to make flying that much weight on the air frame responsible.

Hell, try it. Whats the worst that can happen? Try it on the FT Flyer and see what happens. Easy and fast to build from the plans. You don't really even have to print them, just use the measurements and draw it out of the foam board if you have any experience with that kind of thing.