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EZ Viking S3b by FoamyDM

EZ Viking S3b by FoamyDM 1.1

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FoamyDM submitted a new resource:

EZ Viking S3b by FoamyDM - An EZ pack powered plane for backyard flying or to populate your Scale USS Nimitz model!

FoamyDM's EZ-Viking S3b Yard flyer
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While building a MS large park size build of this model, I wanted to see if I make a quicker version of this Labor of love, to check CG and have some fun.
(glide test model)
View attachment 196085 View attachment 196057
(see below on the progress shot of the bigger version)
The EZ-Viking S3b weighs 40g.
View attachment 196058

It flies fairly well on a light breeze:
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I noticed on your plans that in the key the remove paper and remove foam are swapped!

Edit: no longer a problem
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I had a idea for a thrust vectoring system using the 3 channel pack. You could use the servo to move the motors up and down instead of a elevator!